Start a Team

Teams are not required, but are a fun way to participate in the CROP Walk with your church, co-workers, neighbors, or any kind of group you want to organize. Below are some tips to help you be a great Team Captain for your group.

Recruit and register team members

  • First things first, register online
  • Second, email to confirm that you’ll be leading a team.
  • Next, recruit 5 to 10 friends, family members or co-workers  who are each committed to raise money to fight hunger and poverty
  • Help your team members register.
  • Set a fundraising goal
  • Distribute a donation envelope to each team member. Decide if you will collect the envelopes from your team members on the day of the Walk, or before.
  • Set a team fundraising goal for the team, and ask each team member to raise a specific amount of money to help achieve the team fundraising goal.
  • Example: A team of 10 people can easily raise $1,000 if each person raises $100.
  • We suggest a fundraising goal of $50 to $100 per person, but you should modify this based on your organization.

Help your team reach its fundraising goal

  • Brainstorm ways for your team to raise money toward its fundraising goal.
  • Organize an event such as a bake sale, car wash, or spaghetti dinner.
  • Ask your favorite restaurant or shop to let you leave a donation jar by the cash register.
  • Write letters or emails to out-of-town family and friends who may want to support your team by donating. Include information about how to donate.
  • If applicable, obtain matching gift forms from your employer.

Motivate and encourage your team members from start to finish

  • Identify any team members who have been impacted by hunger and ask them to share their experiences with the other team members.
  • Contact your team members each week to check on their registration and fundraising status.
  • Recognize team members for progressing toward and achieving their goals.

Show your team spirit on event day 

  • Celebrate your team’s success on event day.
  • Carry posters with your team name and facts or quotes about hunger that have inspired your team.

For information about being a Team Captain, call (434) 793-6824 or email